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Safety Features of a Fiat

Just because Fiats are small doesn't mean they aren't just as safe or safer than any other car on the market. The safety features of Fiats will bring you peace of mind and leave you feeling safe on the road. Learn all about the safety features a Fiat offers from Overland Park Fiat.

Security Alarm


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Why Buy Smart Cars?

When it comes to cars, bigger is not always better. Overland Park Fiat tells you why small cars are a smart buy.

Good for You and the Environment

First and foremost, small cars are a smart buy because you will save money! Small cars get excellent gas mileage, so even though the tanks are small, each tank will last much longer than it would with larger cars.

Not only will you save money with a smaller car, but it will be better for the environment as well. Since smaller cars release fewer emissions into the air, you can feel good…

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Why Fiat is a Better Choice

There are a lot of people out there looking to downsize their vehicles for the sake of fuel conservation. Some of them are worried about the environment, but most of them just want their gas expenditures to be a little gentler on their overall budget. The team at Overland Park Fiat suggests considering a new Fiat to help ease the pain at the pump. It is true that there are a lot of other small cars on the market right now, but it's tough to beat the wide variety of Fiat models available to suit various needs. When compared…

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Fiat - A Continuing Tradition

Since its inception in 1899, Fiat has continued to maintain a leading role in the automotive industry. Fiat products have been extensively developed and are recognized worldwide. Fiat’s logo has become a status symbol due to a history of superior cars, prestige and tradition.


The first Fiat factory opened in 1900 in corso Dante, in Turin, with a workforce of 150 people. Fiat pushed out 24 vehicles in that first year. By 1908, Fiat had opened the Fiat Automobile Company in the United States. The company began to grow in leaps and bounds. At that time, a Fiat was…

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